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Need quality repairs and tech support for your PC?  We offer - fast - quality - service.  Most repairs come in one day and out the next!  Ask around..  we are becoming Lewistown's premier location for residential repair.

Do you need help making sense of all the jargon or what to buy to get the job done?  We have great customer service and will explain everything related to the computer world.  Need to know what a thumb drive is?  Or how much ram you need to make your PC faster...  we can help!

Most PC repairs fall in the $45 - $110 range.  We can save data before reloading your PC.  We install free antivirus!  Stop paying for things that the web provides for FREE!

JDWEB now has room rentals !  Need a place to have a birthday.. or a club meeting?  We are renting by the day or week.  All spaces have heat @ A/C - Internet - TV and restroom.  $50 a day !  Oh, also we have great parking and a easy to find location.

Its called Grace Hill Rental !

JDWEB has TONS of space to rent.. some finished some unfinished..  storage space too !
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JDWEB is a veteran at POS.  Selling Aldelo now for 9 years with over 15 installations !  We even support instances we didn't install.

Email me any questions:
Jason S Derr

Dual-core and higher!!
Cash on the barrel! :)

Computer isn't as fast
as it used to be?

When your Antivirus subscription
run out-stop paying for it. 
JDWEB installs Microsoft Security Essentials

Need a larger harddrive

 A DVD burner!

Most repairs come in one
day and go out the next! 


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